Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Few Snaps from the Vault

Herb four years ago
Hochelega, Montreal
Sweaty summer three years ago maybe
First summer in Montreal

guy behind Janet rules
mid-hot dog in Texas
First roll on a Pentax, first apartment in Montreal
First summer in Montreal
Silas Borsos
Southern States
Wonder what happened to this guy
Baby Luna
Miss this girl.
 Favourite Human
Life's a rodeo

 Outremont Park
Second apartment in Montreal, started a series titled "Ode to my Breasts" documenting them over the years - still ongoing
 Zane's Birthday, second apartment in Montreal
 Went into a building, found the elevator up to the 62nd
 Awkward having dumplings in Chinatown

Tina Turner, fourth apartment in Montreal
 Visit home for Christmas, basement of The Exchange
More recent, Katepwa this past summer
Home for the holidays three years ago
 I think Chanx took this looks like L'Esplanade
 Found a leather bra at Sally Ann.. Third apartment in Montreal (technically Outremont)
 Electric Eye, first time seeing my pal Jesse in 6 years
 Had a really crummy conversation here the night before all this caution tape went up
 At one of my favourite places to eat in Montreal with my best friend, pretty sure she took this
Sunny's sun clock

Somewhere out of town in Quebec
Victoria three years ago, obviously having the time of my life

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